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August 12, 2021

For Your Voice Content Benefit✨


This is what our user says about our service 😉

Looking for a great voice-over with various characters?

Don't miss out on awesome features and great characters that will make your video content fantastic!

Today, we'd like to explain typecast by the numbers 🔢

Let's get started🙌

1️⃣   How many characters do you have? 🤔

2️⃣.  And how many emotions do you have?

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1️⃣  How many characters do you have? 🤔

132: Just as our human voices can never sound the same, neither can the voices of our AI voice actors!

We assume you're the director for a new program and are casting as many actors as possible.🎬

Also, like a passionate agent, we're looking for a hidden gem💎 to shine in your masterpiece.

Currently, we represent and promote 132 voice actors.

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2️⃣    And how many emotions do you have?

4 to 6: We admit that humans have myriad emotions, but AI voice actors have limited emotions.

However, we strive to support as many emotions as possible even now.

Anger 💢

Happiness 🥰

Sadness 😭

Screaming 😱

Cold 🥶

Persuading 😇

Emotions vary by character, and you're always welcome to let us know if you have any requests regarding emotions 🙏

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Typecast values your experience with our AI voices🗣 and feedbacks🧡

We always strive to make your original idea shine✨ with our voices.

Thanks for being here with us on our AI voice journey🚙!

Much more to come🤗

If you're not sure how to use our service or have any questions or suggestions about using typecast🤔,

let us know via the Help Center or typecast@neosapience.com ✉️.

We're always happy to answer your questions. 

Don't forget to check out our 🟦Facebook page 😉

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